Friday, April 30, 2021

Invisible Hand upgrades added, articles updated

I've updated the Separatist-specific upgrades article and the Separatist officers article with new content from the Invisible Hand/Providence pack. This includes the two new fleet commands (Hot Garbage Landing and Jedi Hostage), Thermal Shields, BORT the rocket droid, TI-99, and Tikkes. Toot toot it's time to board the Tickles Token Train!

"I live underwater, have no idea what a train is, and my name isn't Tickles."
"Glad to have you on the train, Tickles."
The ion cannons article now has Point Defense Ion Cannons too. Finally, don't forget to catch John's recent article on some early wave 10 rules issues.

Coming up in the next week or so I hope to release the Admiral Trench and General Grievous articles as well as the Providence article itself. After that will be updates to earlier Separatist articles now that there's new toys for them to play with. We'll be doing this as wave 10 slowly arrives in the US with everything Republic coming out in May and the Recusant showing up sometime in June (hopefully early June).

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