Friday, December 27, 2019

Minor Squadron Updates!

I got a bunch of squad updates done today!

For the B-wing, I removed any amount of me suggesting you use Independence to move them.  It's not great, use a better way.

For the E-wing, I added a sentence to ensure you're using the snipe you're paying for, or else you're wasting points to just get speed 4.

For the VCX I made it more concise and updated some links.

For the YT-1300 I added some phrasing updates and some minor line changes.

And for the Lancer I advised you not to take it.  Ketsu or nothing, kids.

No MAJOR updates, considering I just updated these all recently.  Next up is the upgrades I have, and then we'll round this all up with the Commanders (and some more of the random articles I've got scattered about).  We're getting there!
 (and some I think the A-wing is dogging it.

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