Sunday, December 29, 2019

Upgrades... upgraded!

I just hit every one of my upgrade articles, leaving me nothing but the Commanders left.  Some basics:

Generic Officers:
Chart Officer got an update.  She's not bad, just, I usually just end up with other options in the slot.  As in all upgrades, if you have a plan for her....  Otherwise it was minor sentences and link updates for a lot of things.

Defensive Retros:
Advanced Projectors - i advise you not to take it, as most of the time EWS does it better, and XI7s still are everywhere.  I may re-evaluate this at some point, but it's very hard to justify at this point.

Fleet Commands:
Updated some links, rearranged parts of it (so now it reads Upgrade-What it does-Who wants it), and suggested using TEA with Flag soon as it comes out.  I''d rather it be in there without the link and have the suggestion in there just to be safe.

Support Teams:
Links and such, removed the passage about using Engine Techs on a CR90 (go read it there!) as I think I only have it in one spot now.  Hopefully not 3....

Link updates, more details that QTCs are good on SSDs.  Shocked, I'm shocked.  Who would be taking this upgrade?

Rebel Officers:
Some removal, some links. Draven updates but just removing sentences dancing around the fact that he's at best "fine."

Onwards to commanders I believe! Of course, let me go reread Eric's articles and see how I can shorten some of my own articles....


  1. hi, will there be analysis about the new starhawk and onager? really appreciated :)

    1. There will be, yes. We need to wait for them to be released before we can release the articles about them, though ;).