Monday, December 2, 2019

John Updates 12-1

John's through Chapter....7 (I'm aware the numbers are bad, I'm working on it, I promise), how to bomb ships.  Mainly updated with better ways to describe either overwhelming their defense tokens or their shields.  I cut a LOT from here that I had said previously in earlier installments, so feel free to read those and up my pageviews, haha.

And Chapter 8 (Fighting Squadron Fleets!) too!  Some substantial reorganizing, but also some new bits about potential plans for fighting their fleet.  Potentially helpful upgrades have been added in here, along with cutting out some more chaff.

I'm going to try to hit the final part of the Squadrons Encyclopedia (Chapter 9) in the next day or so.  Then, renumbering it all, chapter wise.  After that, it's ship time!  Then upgrades, squadrons, etc.  I've got an article or two kicking around in my system as well, but that's going to take a bit to get together on THAT, so expect updates from me for a bit.

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