Monday, April 9, 2018

Nerf-Related Articles, v 1.1

John's working on some of the articles, and here's what I've finished up so far.
  • Support Teams! (specifically Fighter Coordination Teams related)
  • B-wings! (again, FCT related)
  • Generic Officer Friends! (Strategic Adviser, Flight Commander with respect to? That's right, FCT)
  • GR75 article (stole Eric's writeup of the rules changes and removed many of my jokes about not addressing controversy involved in their usages, haha)
  • Assault Frigate article (Gallant Haven bit)
  • VCX article! (minor changes to it, but I didn't really discuss Relay much there, so not much to talk about, actually.
I'm aware I still haven't updated the Large Ships of the Rebellion for potential Raddus drops.  I blame in no particular order: my job, general laziness, TV series that need to be watched (ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWER), and my attempts to build a list for Worlds, that thing we're going to.  At least my montage sequence is going alright?

Yavaris/the Neb article is going to need a substantial update and build section; so, you know, soon?  I would update the X-wing article with the Biggs FAQ bit, but I'm more likely going to put that in there and under Rieekan, and I have plans on rewriting that X-wing article anyways.  It's one of my first ones and my style wasn't refined then.  That's right, it needs more Muppet jokes.
We're working on them, we promise, haha.


  1. Until you post an MC75 article I’m just going to keep flying my MC75 ordnance cruiser with sensor teams, point defence reroute and expanded launchers in protest.

    1. Don't forget the MCEF title without any friends around!

      Those are going to need to get added into the MC articles, too....