Monday, April 9, 2018

Nerf-related articles updated, v1.0

Updated the articles in my wheelhouse, which comes down to:
  • The ISD article has been updated in a few ways:
    • The Avenger title is now corrected, with some of the explanation text changed as well to reflect that.
    • The Chimaera title discussion is now clarified by the FAQ - specifically, the fleet command upgrades are merely replaced and don't form a confusing discard pile.
    • Updated the ISD-I Avenger Boarding Troopers build to use XI7 Turbolasers to further focus the side arc attack even after Avenger has been used.
  • The Lambda-class Shuttle and Squadron Keywords articles have been updated to reflect the Relay nerf.
  • The Gozanti article has been updated to include the new flotilla restrictions from the flotilla nerf.
  • The tournament structure article has been updated to clarify that you get tabled when all your non-flotilla ships are destroyed.
  • The anti-Avenger Boarding Troopers article has been updated to reflect the Avenger nerf and a segment has been added about Avenger attack order keeping that in mind. 
  • The anti-flotilla article has been updated to reflect the flotilla nerf. A lot of text was removed, actually, because the big segments on what to do about Relay abuse were no longer necessary. Added a small reminder on tabling once only flotillas (or nothing) is left.
John will have his own adjustments to make and I guarantee I missed something somewhere. The process of amending articles once nerfs happen is never as easy as I think it will be: I was finding incorrect Rhymer references in articles for months after the last update, hidden in places I didn't expect to find him. If you spot something, please drop us a line at or comment on the article. Thanks!

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