Thursday, February 16, 2023

Worlds Shirts Update!

Well we're 2 days in and we're accumulating orders! So far 27 of you have responded saying you want one of these bad boys.  However, I've heard from several of you that brown is "kinda ugly" or "kinda bland" or "I don't want it in brown."
Did you really expect a Kinky Boots joke today? Well, congrats.

So that being said, the NEW last question on the survey is "What color do you want the shirt?" Perhaps an orange a la the band in the show?

Or maybe you're feeling like Brasso from the show and you have a brick to bring with you?
Whatever you're feeling, we now offer the shirt in multiple colors* (assuming it's all allowed by my shirt guy.  Worst case I'm getting everyone orange and saying "eh, good enough, it's not brown.")

FIVE days left, ladies and gents.  Let's get those orders and colors in, please!

It's the new red!

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