Sunday, July 11, 2021

Highlander Format! Games Start July 24th!

After the success of Whos the Bossk, its time for another wacky BIG tournament! Hit the jump for the details on Highlander!

Send me a picture of you in this costume and I'll give you a dollar

Fleets will be built to the standard 400 points, 3 round format. The overwhelming design philosophy, just like the Highlander series, is that There Can Be Only One. 

Every ship class type is unique. So if you bring a CR90A, there's no CR90B coming with. No 2 flotillas today, only 1 can be brought. No dual Venator or dual Acclamator lists, just one of them. Triple Recusant fleets? Put 2 back in the box. One of each ship, no more, however you build it. Everyone who desperately wants dual onager can certainly want a thing, and I can definitely care about those needs in a different format.

Squads allow for one unique per squadron type; no Howlrunner AND Mauler, you get one. Gold or Dutch, Plo or Ahsoka or Luminara, one of the 2 vulture bots. As many generics as you want, though (this allows for squadron lists to show up).

Upgrades are (you guessed it!) All unique as well. "I'm bringing an MC30 and a Hammerhead!" One of them can bring External Racks, one has to bring something else. Black crit? Rapid Reload? SOMETHING. Uniques remain unique, but no spamming TRCs or Intel Officers.

Basically, everything is unique. Except generic squadrons so that I'm not restricting your build that much. Pretend there's that little black dot by every card.  Now ideally you would have individual rounds of winners and losers buttttt that leads to crappy lists where it's all about winning and not engagement. AND THATS dumb. So, 3 round standard.

If you want to play: FIRST MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP FOR OUR DISCORD because I'm not dealing with THAT again. Then make sure you have vassal or TTS (I dont care which one you use; I default to Vassal because my friends do but whatever works for you) so long as you can play the game with your opponent.  I'd make sure you have vassal and use TTS as a backup. Lastly, fill out this form so I have your list ready. Sign up starts now and game 1 will be July 24 (which means list building closes July 23 whenever I get to it!) The last minor fun bit is that if you end up as the only person playing your commander, you get 1 tournament point for uniqueness. There Can be Only One, as I said, and you'll be rewarded for it.

See everyone on the 24th!
2 tourney points if you buy me that peacock cape

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