Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Denouement!

Rebellions are built on hope.... and hiding from the Empire repeatedly

Mothma - I eliminated some ship builds and talked about using her with an Amity.  I also mentioned that Rieekan is an easier to use commander and you need to justify her over him.

Cracken - I eliuminated some ship builds, and I mentioned making sure to make sure why you're choosing this commander over Rieekan/Mothma. He's good against salvo? If you're worried about it, that is.

Garm Bel Iblis - I eliminated builds, pointed you towards some Steel Strategy articles about using him, and advised you against any Comms Net flotillas in your fleet.

Raddus - I addesd a bit about the FAQ changes and mentioned the Profundity bomb option.

Sato - I removed some builds (noticing a theme, are we?), removed some ship descriptions, and I was a little vaguer about the necessary squadrons used with him.  I advise a few ships and squads, and definitely state that if you're not doing black crits you should probably rethink your admiral choice.

Madine - I eliminated a few individual ship builds and added a little more discussion of how to make Madine work for you.  If you're navving, nav hard and be where you don't think your opponent would expect.

And with that, I've updated everything for wave 8.  It's all good, we're ready to go.  I've mentioned in a few articles some of the revealed upgrades from the released Onager, and it looks like I'll need to get on an Agate article and a Starhawk one as well.  And I'm sure I've got some other articles to work on as well!


  1. Hi guys,
    have you gotten your hands on the Onager yet? Any ETA on when you will get to testing that ship?
    Keep up the awesome work!

    1. I have an article ready to go as soon as it is officially released, actually. We just need to be patient until then. Rumor is January 31st.