Friday, January 31, 2020

Wave 8 upgrades: Imperial officers

I'm hoping to roll out all the new upgrades I'm responsible for over the next couple days. If you're waiting on turbolasers or Rebel officers, those are John's responsibility and he's going to be busy at the Atlanta regional until Sunday evening, so the earliest ETA on those is early next week. Anyways, let's start with Imperial officers:

Becky with the good eye.
Commander Beck has a fair amount of stuff going on despite what appears to be a fairly straightforward ability:
  • You resolve a command as though you spent a command token of that type. That means no spending a dial and then using Beck to "add a token" to that command. That's not how she works. You resolve a single command at token strength and that's that.
    • That also means you can't use Beck to resolve a command you already resolved normally. Only one command of each type per activation.
  • Once you resolve that command, you get a raid token of that same type of command.
    • Because raid tokens prohibit you from resolving commands, that means Becky can't do those same commands again in the future until you wipe those raid tokens.
      • Becky can't help you wipe raid tokens with her ability either. All she does is resolve commands at the fun-size level, she doesn't provide actual tokens.
      • That said, you can discard a dial to wipe all your raid tokens and then use Becky right after to start resolving commands again.
  • Commander Beck is one of the few cards that can resolve multiple times per activation. In case you're having trouble keeping track of what commands she's helped with so far that activation, I'd recommend putting the corresponding raid token on her card and then shuffling them onto the ship base once the activation is over.
So what kind of ship wants Becky with the good eye as their officer? The main downside to Commander Beck is for the most part command tokens don't scale well to the ship's stats - the only difference in end bonus is repair tokens, which get better on ships with Engineering 3+. So you want a ship that would like to do a few different commands in a single turn, doesn't mind doing them at token strength, and doesn't mind discarding the occasional dial to wipe a bunch of raid tokens. So basically a Command 2 or less ship, ideally with Engineering 3 or more if we can manage it. On that relatively short list I would include:
  • Gozantis. A Comms Net Gozanti isn't prohibited from doing its primary job of taking a token and passing it to a friend by raid tokens (as raid prevents resolution of those commands, not having those tokens) and Becky allows them to still do other things (especially navigate to change speed) without really compromising that. When you get a bit of breathing room, wiping all the raid tokens with a dial isn't unappealing on a low-cost ship. You can also use her on a squadron-focused Gozanti to do not-squadron commands as needs be.
  • Arquitens. Arqs love to concentrate fire. They want to navigate and repair, but they usually stick with what they love. Becky lets them get in the occasional 2-point repair (to regenerate a shield or move 2 shields around) and small speed change while they focus on concentrating fire. The main issue is there are already some excellent officer options for Arquitens, so you need a good plan for her there.
  • Raiders. Raiders also tend to oscillate between non-squadron commands as they want to concentrate fire for the extra die, navigate for the speed change, and repair to move shields around (no redirect hurts). Becky can help with that. Just be careful not to clog up your navigate command when you may otherwise really need it.
  • Interdictors. Another ship that likes doing many things simultaneously, plus you can use repair tokens for 3 engineering points, which is pretty swell. The main issue is dropping a dial to clear the raid tokens later and giving up the officer seat that usually goes to a defensive officer.
In her spare time, she builds elaborate K'Nex shield batteries.
Reeva Demesne is a potentially pretty powerful defensive officer, but you need three things to be true:
  1. An already-exhausted token.
  2. An attack coming at a hull zone with at least 1 shield left on it.
  3. She's readied, so she can exhaust to do her trick.
If not, then she doesn't do anything. So ideally you consider her on a ship with a lot of shields and some duplicate defense tokens or Electronic Countermeasures. Alternatively, you can at least guarantee the first requirement by spending your own defense tokens with something like Turbolaser Reroute Circuits or Commander Vader.

Reeva is most easily put on a Super Star Destroyer, given it's a laser magnet and has lots of shields and duplicate defense tokens, but she can also be productively used on Imperial Star Destroyers with ECMs, like a Kuat or ISD-II. A fun trick with her on the SSD that takes advantage of the extra officer slots is pairing her with other defense-token-linked officers like Expert Shield Tech and/or Damage Control Officer to get a third guilt-free use of one of those types of tokens when it would be handy.

Just be sure to lean into using repair commands fairly regularly (or use other means of regenerating shields like Shields to Max or Projection Experts) or else you'll find enemy attacks keep targeting shield-less hull zones and Reeva won't have a chance to trigger.

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