Saturday, November 10, 2018

Holy Crud John Did Something!

Sorry, been busy working on.... let's call it some other projects.  Oh, and running a marathon in... 8.5 hours.  Huh, I should sleep.

Left foot, right foot, repeat 40,000 times
Anyways, I did what everyone does when prepping for a marathon.  Eat some carbs, take it easy, update the last of the Commander articles.

Garm Bel Iblis
Leia Organa (Commander)

Garm got a bit more updates on the ship sections throughout (nothing super meaningful there, but feel free to reread it as desired) and then a larger bit in the "How Do I Fight Garm" that turned into a brief "How is Garm actually worth using" post before morphing into a discussion of the list I saw at World's and our friend Mike's list down in Champaign.

Leia, I blathered more blathering because I could.  I mean, it's me? I updated the ship section a bit (Hey, Peltas exist! I haven't PLAYED them, but they exist, you know?) and talked more about how NOT to Leia.

This brings me to the end of my commanders section update.  Man, that took forever.  But now I can cruise through a few minor updates (Did you know there's a 4th Fleet Command the Pelta can use? Womp, forgot to add that in) before I hit the squadron articles.  That's right, I've got more to add on squadrons.  Slash Second Editions of all them articles.  Stay tuned, and as Eric said, if you want to see us write something, just let us know!

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