Thursday, February 20, 2020

Wave 8 Imperial ship article updates

Aww yiss triangles and circles
Just a few little changes here and there to bring those Imperial ship articles up to speed on wave 8:
  • Gozanti article updated to include Commander Beck as an officer option.
  • Arquitens article updated to include Commander Beck as an officer option.
  • Raider article updated to reflect how weird Corvus gets with on-deploy upgrades like Local Fire Control and Gunnery Chief Varnillian. 
  • ISD article updated to include Heavy Fire Zone and Linked Turbolaser Tower options for the ISD-II. Added a build relying on the H9 Turbolasers + Weapon Battery Techs + blue crit combo for the ISD-I. Added a Local Fire Control salvo build for the ISD-I.
    • I'm not saying the ISD-I is suddenly amazing, but it got some new toys that the other ISD variants aren't really keen on using for themselves, so give them a try if you like.
  • VSD article replaced the Spray and Pray VSD-I build (which requires outside help) for the salvo boat option using Local Fire Control.
  • SSD article added Reeva Demesne as a defensive officer option.
I've got a couple other articles to update to fully bring everything up to speed on wave 8 (to mind, commanders that like the Onager need all their articles updated and it wouldn't hurt to update a few of the objective articles when they have salvo interactions like Precision Strike* does), but we're pretty close.

*The Precision Strike segment has been rewritten although not all the objective articles have been yet. It's mean in the right fleets with enough salvo. You can trigger both the "flip a card" element (by spending a die with a hit or crit on it) and sometimes also the "deal a faceup damage card" (if your salvo has a crit icon in it and damage hits hull), which can generate a surprising amount of extra points from your extra salvo attacks. It's not a "no duh" choice in a salvo-heavy fleet but it has a lot more synergy with salvo than generally "no duh" Most Wanted given salvo can't add dice.

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