Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Objectives update and where we're at on updates

I made some updates to all of the objectives articles (the header article is linked, but links to all of them are there), given some time has passed and my feelings have changed a bit and I've gained more experience too (as have most of us who keep playing, even though I've been playing for years there's always more to learn). In some cases I clarified wording a bit or added more hyperlinks, but in some cases I added (like noting Fighter Ambush enjoys Rogue squadrons, for example). Some highlights:
  • Opening Salvo expanded a bit to mention it's helpful against Raddus. Similarly, Most Wanted now mentions how you can't target a ship that's not deployed yet.
  • Contested Outpost revised to discuss how it's an awkward fit for squad heavy fleets.
  • Raddus mentioned as yet another reason to be scared of using Fleet Ambush.
  • Went into a bit more detail on Strategic Squadrons in Capture the VIP. Specifically, it's fine to have one, you don't really need it, but 2+ Strategic squads really want Fire Lanes instead usually.
  • Jamming Barrier opinion improved in light of a resurgence of longer-ranged gunline fleets in wave 7. John has been getting some solid use out of it.
  • Salvage Run given a solid update. It's a good objective. You don't need Strategic for it at all, but it doesn't hurt.
  • Added the paradoxical Sensor Net strategy of first player deploying his tokens in the corners.
  • Revised Blockade Run to focus more on ISD style fleets using it to turn the play area into a hallway.
  • Station Assault expanded to include its use as an anti-squadron objective.

Lots of smaller changes among everything else too.

Otherwise, you will have likely noticed our article-writing pace has slowed down. Simply put, we've largely caught up at this point and now we're in maintenance mode until the next wave releases. I know there are a few articles I'm still looking to update and John is as well (the squadron articles for sure, the builds need updating as the meta has changed), but we've covered a lot of what we set out to cover. Of course we'll be doing write-ups of events we attend with Regionals starting up and whatnot, so there will be some new content as well when events happen for us.

That said, if there are any articles any of you would like to read that we haven't done, please ask. Worst case we aren't interested in the recommendation, but if there's a subject we missed, we'd be happy to fill in the blanks to the best of our ability.


  1. Personally I would enjoy reading some articles on the Corellian Conflict, if you guys have some experience and thoughts to share on that topic.

    1. My personal opinion of Corellian Conflict is it snowballs very quickly - teams that get ahead early are pretty much guaranteed to stay there as they leverage advantages to maintain a lead over the other team and inflict disadvantages on them. Early on it's fun and the trash talk between teams is enjoyable but it becomes obvious one team or the other is hosed come campaign round 3 or so. Generally I don't really recommend playing a Corellian Conflict campaign, but the box contains enough other goodies that it's still a good buy.