Friday, January 19, 2018

Headed to Indianapolis!

A quick note to announce that John and I will be in Indianapolis tomorrow for their Regional. If anyone is there looking for us to say hi, John will be in a sweater and tie and I plan to wear a ridiculous Freeport Pretzels t-shirt (hometown represent!). We'll also have a few (I believe 4) of our Fair Game buddies coming with us.

They're saying prepare for 5 rounds at worst so if you're coming out, prepare for some intense brain burn. I'm expecting at least one ship will be needlessly lost to in large part due to "my brain hurts," haha. They also put out the call for mats, so bring spare mats if you have them. Registration is at 10 (Indiana time*) and play begins at 11. We hope to see a few of you there!

*Remember that Indianapolis is in the Eastern time zone because Indiana is weird, so it's an hour ahead of Illinois (or other Central time zone) time.


  1. Ill be headed up to Indy as well, im a huge fan of your website, and i hope to see you on the field of battle!

  2. Jesus 5 rounds of xwing and I'm about to pass out. 5 rounds of Armada would probably kill me.