Sunday, November 12, 2017

Eric will be away for a little while due to becoming a father!

Just a quick note that due to the impending birth of my son, I'm going to be incommunicado for a week or more. This last week or so as we've settled into the home stretch has been kind of crazy already, but I'll be back once life settles down a little bit!

"I missed you, Son."
"I missed you too, Dad."
Stormtrooper humor


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    1. Yep,we were home yesterday afternoon with a healthy baby boy. Thank you!

  2. Really happy for you Eric. Wishing you the best from here (France)

  3. "Junior, I am your father!"
    Many congratulations

  4. Fantastic! My son (three now) grew up around Armada. If you start early, you can train them to leave the ships alone! When my son sees ships set up on the table (usually a solo game that's in progress but not finished, ref: two children now), he says, "Dada are you done yet?" and is willing to wait to get his turn to fly the ISD around until I'm finished.

    Also, I recommend that Youtube edit of the Battle of Endor with just the ships as baby's first star wars. When you get a two-year-old saying "it's a trap!" it really makes you feel like you've succeeded as a parent.

    -DH / California