Monday, November 6, 2017

Commenting changed back to blogger

Just a short note that I've changed the comments back to the original in-blogger format instead of the Google+ format. The Google+ comment format has a lot of problems I wasn't aware of when we initially made the switch-over, the largest of which was that John and I were rarely if ever notified when someone commented on an article and we don't want to accidentally ignore anybody! This will cause some minor comment field problems from back when we used Google+, but just let us know if you had a question or if you were still waiting on a response and we'll hopefully touch base with you. Thanks!


  1. Hello. I've posted a comment with a question in the x-wing article about Luke Skywalker, that I was hoping you would answer. Is it now gone along with google+ comments or is it only invisible to me? =)
    Regardless, thank you for your articles!

    1. Looks like it vanished, presumably along with the other Google+ comments. Sorry, we never got a notification about it and thus never answered it :(. What was your question?

    2. What's amazing to me is that I'm actually starting to see these comments now, so I can hopefully respond to these before Eric prods me into doing it. I also inquire about your Luke question!

    3. I was actually wondering about how to correctly use him. =)
      You often reference him as a rather good squadron with an exceptional ability, that is capable of destroying a ship in right circumstances. I understand that it is actually possible to kill a raider without taking out it's shields first, but it involves a rather complicated setup that uses Yavaris and probably Adar Tallon as well as some additional bells and whistles. Quite a nuisance that raider must be to warrant that amount of setup. =)
      When I tried to use Luke as a part of a bomber cloud, I sure did some shield-ignoring damage, but that usually wasn't enough to kill a ship entirely. So my other bombers still had to get through those shields, and Luke actually amounted to an overpriced black bomber die (unless I seriously misunderstand something).
      Obviously, I am using him wrong. =)
      He is not in any examples of squadron coverage article series, either, so it seems I have to ask about using him directly. =)
      Thank you!

    4. The initial problem was that the X-wing article was one of the first ones I ever wrote :/

      To respond here before I go rewriting the article in the next few days: yeah, it's a lot of combo pieces. But on ships that rely on shields to survive more than hull (CR90s, MC30s, Arquitens, occasional Raiders, LMC80s especially) he's a major pain. MC30s (Admonition in particular) need to strongly consider dumping a token for his one dice. If you can send him in early and nail a damage to him (before attacking AGAIN with Yavaris thanks to Adar Tallon), that's a much faster rate of return than smashing your way through the MC30 shields. Easier, too.

      Basically, the way I use Luke is to finish off ships that are wounded somewhat or go hunting for ships that can't take significant hull damage (small bases, usually). Dodonna letting him choose his crit means that any hit+crits can cause significant health problems for ships without braces, and potentially worse ones for those with (Demo, Raiders, etc). Your opponent has to take that into effect, and while you can't count on crits, they make Luke crazy worth it.

      Luke can finish off a wounded ship or can beat up on something small based by himself, assuming you've won the squadron fight. Like I said, I'll be updating the X-wing article soon.

  2. Ok, thank you. I'll try to use him relatively independently from other bombers then.

    1. Do make sure that you don't get him jumped and/or flakked to death, though. It may be worth it, if his 20 points brings down a 60 point Arquitens or whatever, but be careful.

      Also, i'll again recommend him with Dodonna. Big ships basically NEED to spend the contain if he crits, or else you have the option of topdecking Projector Misaligned or Comms Noise or whatever. He also sets up for Precision Strike points. Luke is a good part of an LFC (to reference my own writings) but not a great use in a MFC or SFC. Hope that helps!