Monday, April 3, 2023

Black Admiral's Worlds Write-Up!

Today's Writeup: Black Admiral! Top 8 player write-up below!

Looks just like him, coat and everything!

Long have I waited... And I believe we all did. Four years of break between World Championships is good for football (the real football; not the game where you carry an egg with your hands - sorry, not sorry!) but not for our beloved Armada. Yet that huge gap only boosted the hype growing inside of me for the last season.

With my list packed; I came to Adepticon with hopes to continue a great streak that I had in European tournaments recently. Knowing how tough will it be; I chosen my flag list; Rieekan MSU Rogues (picture for the reference). Pretty classic one, so I will focus on small choices:

- Rieekan (over Cracken): While I understand that in ship-heavy metas people prefer Cracken to counter Mar Tuuk, Salvos etc; I try to find balance between being good vs ships and good vs squads. Intel's nerf only buffed zombies, so to me Rieekan is crucial to win squadron battles, or at least keep enemy bombers away. Second thing is; some of Corvettes may die eventually anyway and Cracken's obstruction wouldn't change much. Rieekan provides me at least one more important activation, so to me; he is superior in that comparison.
- Lack of flotilla: Activations ain't that important anymore, so after winning Open in UK, I resigned from GR-75. I decided that I need Adar Talon and at least minor bid, so I had to cut some points.
- Proximity Mines: Underrated piece of Armada. They are especially good against other MSUs (MC30; I'm looking at you), MK2s, Munis, Demos or key flotillas. They have potential to screw up opponent's formation or force them to choose whether to flak squads or take some damage instead. Another thing is that; as I forfeit one GR-75; I had to swap Most Wanted to either Precision Strike, Rift Assault or Ion Storm. Last two are avoidable for certain lists, or easier for opponent to score as well. Precision Strike however stacks with 3 (up to 4 with Adar) Bombers that I have, but mostly with my TRC. Combined with Mines; I can easily score some early points, or possibly dig for some nasty crits.
- Fighter Ambush (over Asteroid Tactics or Capture the Vip): I simply assume that I need to have all farming Objectives against squadless lists. Against most of squads-oriented builds; I will either go 1st due to bid, or win the engagement, or won't let my opponent score e.g. due to draw (as it often is with FA). With such maneuverable ships; I don't really suffer that much from being outdeployed.

Geek note: also a proxy mine fan, as well. See, I'm cool!

That's what it is with the list. I won't briefly describe my matches; 11 games would be wall of text and that privilege is reserved for the ones who reached absolute peak. I just wanna thank all my opponents; Mack Dalla Lana, Michael Gill, Clement Bin, Jason Dedrick, Nick Brown, Jason Hughley, Patrick Doupe, Justin Rasmussen and James McCartney three times 😅 (congrats on the win, well deserved!). It was a real pleasure to play against y'all, nice sportsmanship and really tough nut to crack.

When it comes to my games; I can only refer to; how they corresponded with the list I played and with my assumptions from before the tournament. Saying that; I'm really happy about the choice I made; almost each game has been decided by the other piece of my list; mines, squads, firepower, commander, mobility, or some of them combined. I was never in position in which my opponent's list meant I couldn't score high against it (apart of one mirror match, but that's understandable, as it's usually the case). I knew that; as long as I won't make mistakes, it shall work properly in a longer perspective, and it turned out 100% accurate. Realising the plan in first 9 games, I made some crucial mistakes in 10th Round, so I couldn't recover. Everyone who makes it to the last stages of a huge tournament has appetite for more, but in the end I can't complain. Event was absolutely great, I've met fantastic people playing my favourite game - that's what you call a quality time!

Despite being quite sceptical about AMG on a daily basis; I have to admit that tournament was organized well, without significant delays or controversies. Additionaly the package around it was worthy; enough space, nice banners, great stream (thanks; Ion Radio!) etc. It really looked like World Championship of one of their games and looked like they care. Only thing that I have to provide negative feedback for is; such things as size of the cut cannot be changed in the manner it happened out there (from Top20 to Top26 - announced between the rounds). Even if intention is improvment of structure, even if side effect is positive (like more of lovely players can still have fun on a next day) - it just shouldn't happen; especially at Worlds. Tournament structure type can affect long term strategy, like for instance; choice of the list - it shouldn't be touched since like one week before the event at least.

Overall however; I enjoyed these few days like never before! Three days of play is absolutely exhausting but energy provided by interaction with great people compensates everything! One love for our great community; hope to see you eventually at future events. Who knows - maybe even in Europe? In Poland; you will be most welcome anytime!

Black Admiral over and out.

Thanks Daniel! We've got a few more of these reports lined up and some already written! Any interest in getting your own out there? Email me at!

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