Thursday, April 9, 2020

John Updates 4/9!

It's been a minute alright.

I updated Ackbar, Mothma, Garm, and Raddus to have a few sentences about potentially using the Hawk with them.  No major advice or anything, but they're all mentioning the possibility of using them now.

I also added another sentence or two into the Assault Frigate about using HFZ (yes that upgrade) with Gallant Haven.

I have an article or two in the works, and I'll try to get them going soon enough.  We finished most if not all the updates for the current game state, so we've had a little bit of a break.  I know personally having Worlds cancelled because of COVID-19 took some of the wind out of my Armada sails and writing.  The social distancing has also been taking its toll on us all.  Stay sane everyone, and we'll get through this all together!

1 comment:

  1. Always look forward to your articles. Stay safe and try solo armada from crabbok. Maybe a fun article on solo play in this time of isolation!