Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Pictures of the SSD

Much smaller update, but I wanted to give it its own little article: I took a few pictures of the SSD on display at Adepticon. It's gigantic - supposed to be between 26 and 27 inches long. Very impressive model.


  1. Sure, its big compared to regular star destroyers, but not even close to being how large it actually should be in the films. I still think they should have used something like the Allegiance or Secutor for the Empire's super ship instead.

    1. I mean sure, but scale in this game has never been consistent - the CR90 is at least twice as big as it should be if you're using an ISD for reference and the squadrons are much too large compared to any of the ships. Lots of people care about the SSD. Nobody really cares about other huge ships mentioned in novels or comics.