Monday, July 23, 2018

John Updates 7/23

I updated the Mon Mothma article (she's still good, guys! I didn't have much to add but I did clarify some ship usage suggestions with her)

And I added in 2 paragraphs to the "Running Squadronless" Squadrons Encyclopedia article, conveniently repasted below.

How do i know if my fleet can go squadronless?
I hesitate to recommend "squadronless" to anyone just starting out at playing the game, as it involves a bit of knowing what squadrons can do to your ships, what they can kill, where they can get to.  Yes, it sucks when Sloane's squadrons evaporate the tiny force you brought, but understanding what happens AFTER they evaporate is almost MORE important to understanding how to run squadronless.  Knowing WHAT your opponent can do with squadrons is key.  That may sound weird, that you have to know squadrons before you can stop using them, but the better you understand that part of the game, the better you can be at countering opponents who run it.  Think of it like a martial art; the better you KNOW Mantis or Crane or Tiger style, the better you can be at countering it.
There's no charge for awesomeness... or my advice!
It's not just a matter of "kill their carriers fast, I don't need squadrons."  If your 4 YT-2400s die every game but they allow you to tie up the entire Sloane squadron ball as you kill the carrier over 2 turns, that's a win for you (and a reason TO bring squadrons).  No matter what you run, you need to be able to know how to put the carrier DOWN fast with your ships.  Practice, practice, practice.

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