Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Welcome to Cannot Get Your Ship Out, a Star Wars Armada blog co-written by two friends (Eric and John) who play way too much Armada and want to keep telling other people about it too. At the moment, it's under heavy construction. We'd like to get some articles lined up prior to really linking to the blog, but if you stumbled across it on your own, please be assured there will be meaningful content here soon.

A quick side note: we're both new to blogging although we're old hands at minis wargaming. Expect a bit of tinkering around the edges with formatting and layouts and the like until we get a result we're happy with.

Our early focus is to provide a resource hub for newer/less experienced players. To that end, expect a lot of squadron, ship, and upgrade breakdowns as well as usage guides (squadrons, black dice ships, fleet building, deployment, etc.) and objective selection discussions. That alone should provide for massive piles of content.

We hope to see you back soon!