Armada basics index

If it's fundamental to game play or fleet building but isn't covered under a more specialized category, you'll find it here!

Fleet building
The basics of fleet building
Bidding for initiative
Bidding for initiative 2: fleet examples

Intro to objective selection
Red (assault) objectives, wave one
Red (assault) objectives, wave five
Blue (navigation) objectives, wave one
Blue (navigation) objectives, wave five
Yellow (defense) objectives, wave one
Yellow (defense) objectives, wave five

The attack sequence and you! 

Game concepts
How to black dice!


  1. Please kind sirs, do an article on the new objectives in the Cconflict. :)

    1. I'm presently working on the weapon team upgrades and John is still catching up on wave 5 (he still needs to write the Sato article, I believe). Once I'm caught up, I plan to start writing on the new CC objectives. So hopefully this upcoming week. Don't worry, we'll get there!

    2. And the red objectives are done! I'll be working on the other two colors and should have them both done by the end of next week (...I hope).