Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Quick Thanks to All our Readers

So Eric and I attended a Meet-and-Greet slash viewing party for an Internet Celebrity we like last night (Specifically, Nostalgia Critic - give him a watch, he's pretty correct in ripping apart terrible movies we watched growing up.  His review of Batman and Robin is STILL right and on task with how dumb that movie was....) and during the Q&A portion, someone asked the cast a question along the lines of "How does it feel knowing you've impacted so many people's lives?"  Their response is very similar to our feelings with your guys, so I'll post ours below.

I want to say thank you to everyone who reads this blog and finds us helpful.  Eric and I started this as we just wanted somewhere we could write down all of our thoughts about the game and have an easier place to just refer people back to when we wanted to expand on a topic.  It's really easy for me to yell "Git Gud!" with squadrons as I play a game, but that helps no one and doesn't get the community to grow.  What DOES help is giving people the ability to read some ways we've found of running things, in a format that you can both read and remember at your own pace, so it's not a datadump of information for you during the middle of a game.

When people comment on our posts or on the forums saying "Thank you!" or "Great article!" or "So helpful!" it really makes us feel great, and I'm glad to know that our advice is helpful AND that people are reading us.  Knowing that we're helping people get better at the game we both enjoy is just a great feeling for us, and I'm glad that people find us intelligible enough to read and follow our advice.  If we didn't have you guys reading us, this whole site would be just Eric and me yelling into the void.

Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man
So I can keep saying "Thank you," repeatedly (John? Wordy? NEVER!) but I'll just close this out by saying "Thank you all, we're not going anywhere, we're glad you're all here reading us.  It's just great that people like us all.  May the Fourth be with you all."