Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Quick Discussion on Worlds and the Status of John's Blogging Updates!

"Rise from your grave!"
Hey guys

First, sorry about the lack of MAJOR updates on my end since the LMC80 article.  I'm working on the Madine one soon enough, but I will fully admit that job applications (actual reasons!) and a bit of playing Fallout 4 Sunday night (John, you lazy oaf! I don't care if you're finally at the good point in the story and have stopped doing side quests, back to the Armada mines!) got in the way.  Madine is coming, I promise, but my tomorrow is a bit busy, so it'll likely be the end of the week.  Then I'll start hitting the Wave 5 squadrons soon too.  I'll be honest, in that I'm trying to put off Sato until I can find a way to get him to work for me.  I have PLANS, but they may need a Hammerhead to come to fruition....

The OTHER thing I wanted to bring up is a recent comment on the Rieekan post from Graeme.
I'm hearing that a lot of the top rebel lists for worlds this year were reeikan lists. Might be nice to update this article with some of them if you find any. I have never used him yet but for store championship coming soon might switch from Dodonna to him :)
First, Graeme, I hope you don't mind me throwing your comment out here.  I figured it might get a little more traffic than in the comments of the Rieekan article, and it lets me blather on for a bit about it all, haha.

Regarding Worlds 2017, Eric and I and a few of our friends have talked to each other about the results and everything they entail.  At the moment, Eric and I don't plan on addressing Worlds (well, beyond this post, I suppose).  We might come back to it if/when we get time later, but at the moment we don't have anything of actual note to say about the results and lists.  We see what happened, just like you all do, and we're concerned about it as well.  From what I've heard, the people who talked to Michael Gernes (the guy actually in charge of Armada, who, if he's reading our blog, welcome Mr. Gernes!) say that he's SUPER invested in the game.  So I'm sure he ALSO sees those final standings and wants to do something about it.  He doesn't want to turn Armada into the Rieekan Game, as I think we'd all get bored Going to a Dead Man's Party repeatedly.

Eric and I don't have current Buzzfeed list plans on What Needs to Change to Keep Armada from Dying (Number 3 will Electroshock You!), as that's just us talking past each other and you, not actually contributing meaningful discussion here.  So we're not going to try to Fix Armada.  I don't have a degree in Game Design, so it's not worth it.
Degrees in Game Design come from Bovine University
The best advice I can offer at the moment is twofold: first, wait for wave 6.  Sloan is going to shoot defense tokens out from under aces FAST, and we'll see what happens to that list then.  Plus with Hammerheads and the Boarding Engineers hitting carriers, let's see what goes down there?

Second, the best thing to do to deal with it is to look at what options you currently have available.  And if you want my honest opinion, Raiders with Flechette Torpedos can get a LOT done against it in your current meta.  Eric's Raiders have squished my squadrons like bugs on a windshield more often than I can count.  I can't claim they'll solve EVERY problem, but they're a good start.  Learning to fly them takes time, but I promise that if you get deadly with them, they'll become one of your favorite ships (yes, the REBEL is advocating learning IMPERIAL ships.  I'm shocked too!).  As for Rebels, massed YT-2400s is an answer, but one I can't just keep recommending that EVERY time.  Give me some time to come up with a current solution or two for Our Side.

Lastly, we are planning on going back and updating all the posts at some point.  Especially when a new wave comes out, and new upgrades, ships, and turbolasers/ordnance (see, I can spell it right when informed I was doing it wrong, haha!) appear to be fielded on ships.  I can't promise WHEN it'll all happen, but Eric and I view this as a resource for everyone, so we want to keep it updated as much as possible.  So, alterations to articles will happen eventually?

Thanks, as always, for reading.


  1. Personally, I find this article refreshing. In my "meta" its me playing rebels and one other person playing Imperials. And that's it. So clearly, netlists can still be a thing, but what I've found is that for every strong thing there is an equally strong counter. For me at least, half the fun is taking 400 points and finding the most interesting combo that causes your opponent to think they know what your doing, but then a CR-90 they count out hits the rear arc of their VSD with five reds. Riekeen doesn't do that. The other thing I run into when building a list the thought process of "I can make my dead ship stay, or I can just not die" and well that gets harder as I play better people, I still design around it.

    In short, even if the competitive scene is "Dead" (It isn't - Remember when Garm was bad? and then he won? Nothing is dead until the game is over) The casual scene is still just as great, and after all, why play a game if not to have fun?

    Side note: Which faction are you choosing in Fallout 4?

  2. Railroad. Too many good memories with Nick and the helpfulness of Curie have convinced me that synths are people. Which is I believe the point of the game, trying to figure out if Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and have "souls" and all. Plus I like Glory, though you can't ever have her as a companion (as far as I KNOW).

  3. I feel the need to clarify that John's looking for employment as some bad times hit his previous employer and several people were let go in the downsizing, including him.

    It wasn't because of that weird Yoda-themed blow-up doll he brings everywhere "for luck."

    1. There is an INCREDIBLY terrible pun I can make here regarding my fake blow up Yoda doll, but I'm trying to be more family friendly, haha.

  4. As a relatively new player who is taking his first tentative steps into organized store tournaments in 2 weeks I can say that I very much appreciate all that you 2 are doing here. You have generated a lot of quality content for the emerging Armada player like myself. After months of "lurking" I just wanted to post a big thanks.

    Like you, my current meta is myself and a buddy. We both got into Armada at the same time. As we prep for the first local store tournament in our area I'm very excited to see what others are bringing to the table. Thanks in part to what you 2 do I feel I'm pretty prepared.

    If you're ever bored swing by our YouTube channel to check out a few of our battle reports. https://youtu.be/4AYmIcuMrjU


    1. Jarod, thanks for your reply and you're most welcome! I don't mind sharing links to other folks producing some Armada content - the more the merrier, basically. John and I may one day do some batreps, but that's a far future consideration at this point (we're still trying to fill out the articles on the everything, haha).

      I will say regarding our meta, it started back in wave one with just me and John. We figured that's all it would be. We kept playing at the same time in the same place and a community kind of grew around us. As it stands right now we've got a community of about a dozen regular attendees and another dozen "once in a while" attendees at our store. I'd say John and I are still the opponent the other faces most frequently, but we're not at any shortage of opponents nowadays, especially when we go to tournaments or play events outside of our main store, which we're doing more and more.