Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Rebellion in the Rim Article 9,058: Actually Fighting

Alright, time to pew pew those lasers into your opponent, and as we all know the best way to have fun is through rules and understanding of them!
See, he gets it
Just click through and read the article.....

Rebellion in the Rim 6 Special: It's Not Easy Playing Green

The green objectives are the only way of getting unique ANYTHING in RitR, and today we're talking about them all.  What they say, how they work, and how to play them well.  Are we green?

Friday, July 31, 2020

Let's talk about Clone Wars spoilers

So a lot of information just got dumped on us between the new Clone Wars articles and the FFG in-flight report and the twitch stream. Normally I love poring over and dissecting every little thing we get from announcements like this but since becoming a playtester I always worry I'll accidentally let something slip I really shouldn't so I remain fairly tight-lipped. I realize that's not so much fun for our readers but that's how it be. John's in the same boat. (Also don't hit us up for secret whatever privately, we aren't going to tell you, sorry).

Me whenever someone thinks I'll spill the beans.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

ReyLo in the Rim 5 - A Good Day To Play Hard

Another Biggs guest post below! See you all next article - John

Let's go through a simple turn.  Like most things in Armada, turn order is important, and we'll see that come into play especially in the Management Phase.

There will be a turn going on in italics that you can follow along with as we go through the steps.

Monday, July 20, 2020

RitR 4: Picking Planets and the Goblet of Fire

We return, after my week of vacation, to RitR and picking planets to populate for your plans

Sunday, July 12, 2020

RitR 3: Mygeeto Drift - Team Work Makes the Teams Work

RitR 3: Mygeeto Drift - Team Work Makes the Teams Work

(Originally written by Biggs at Steel Strategy)
Welcome back to ReyLo in the Rim, where Geek, my Rey Palpatine, cooperates with me, the Ben Skywalker of his dreams.  Speaking of cooperation, we're going to look at how to be a good teammate in Rebellion in the Rim.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Comment settings updated

Very minor update: I've changed the settings so only Google users can comment on articles. I've been seeing lots of submissions (several a day) by unknown no-Google-name spambots this past month and that should shut down the most obnoxious ones, anyways. Sorry for those of you who want to comment but don't have a Google account 😞.

Otherwise, I still exist. Covid has shut down local games and we just got caught up on wave 8 so there's not a lot to report. When I get back to gaming (at my house, hopefully within a week or two) I've got another article in the works.

Stay safe, stay sane, and wear a mask (please!).

Monday, June 22, 2020

2 Rebellion 2 Rim: Basic Fleet Building

Let's start the RitR discussion by discussing how to build your own fleets for the game. This is one of those "involved" articles I tend to end up writing, so get comfy.
I think these guys are massing near Sullust...

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Rebellion in the Rim: Promoting Cross-Blog Synergy!

Time makes liars of us all.
It's going to be Rey and Kylo pics for most of these articles, so enjoy the glimpse into THE FUTURE!
I enjoy blogging, but right now it's been a dearth of articles and things to write about.  As of NOW, all my articles are up to date (this I'm sure will change when Clone Wars drops and we all suddenly re-evaluate things like Overload Pulse or Konstantine).  So I'm looking for something to do in-between now and "Q4" when those appear.

Pretend outward appearances and jokes written online to the contrary, we DO actually like the guys over at Steel Strategy and we all talk fairly often (how many podcasts have I appeared on now? One more and I get a free donut I think), so Biggs and I were talking and we're going to actually work on this whole thing together.  There's a good, hefty chunk of things to cover with respect to Rebellion in the Rim (henceforth, RitR, Ritter, or John Ritter as the mood and dumb jokes strike me) and I do NOT want to have to write up the entire campaign book and offer advice on everything.  We're splitting up the work and looking over each other's shoulders/adding material as wanted/desired, allowing us to divide and conquer.  We're writing these introductory articles separately, but we're looking to follow the below rough outline.

Introductions (individually)
1) Fleet-building and everything involved in that aspect - "Me and my own"
2) Teamwork and Team-building - "Us and ours"
3) The campaign turn and everything involved, stepping through the whole thing
3.5) Setting up the board for fun and a good time.  Where the good planets are and how to find them
4) Battles and Fights - "That guy? How dare they exist where I wanna be!"
5) Green objectives - Who wants to play these and a basic summary of how they play
6) Pivotals - Them, Us, and a galaxy to fight over
Conclusions and what we learned from this experience

There will be some basic guidance here, but as I said in my previous article, I don't want to lead you towards a specific build/definite way of playing.  This is a much more fun sandbox-y place, and it's way more interesting seeing what YOU can do with the restrictions.  After it's all over, I may end up putting some notes in the individual ship/squadron articles about how specific things are better in RitR than they are in the regular game, but as THIS is a passion project and we're more usually focused on the 400 point game, I'll make that call when I get to it.

Why RitR over Corellian Conflict? Because RitR is more fun, and because the campaign snowballs less.  The campaign in RitR seems more developed and more story/theme based.  That's largely the green missions and the acts, but we'll get there.  If you ever wanted to tell a story through your Armada games or make some friends by teaming up to fight the other guys, RitR campaigns are the way to do it.  First up: fleet-building.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Gaming Online: Vassal and TTS!

So, it's been a great month for most of us, huh? This social distancing thing has been FANTASTIC, as I certainly love being unable to see my friends, go outside often, and especially unable to play spaceships in person.  Luckily, the Armada community has ways around this.  Welcome... to the internet!
Look, I need games alright? Internet or nothing, this extrovert needs opponents and human contact

Thursday, April 9, 2020

John Updates 4/9!

It's been a minute alright.

I updated Ackbar, Mothma, Garm, and Raddus to have a few sentences about potentially using the Hawk with them.  No major advice or anything, but they're all mentioning the possibility of using them now.

I also added another sentence or two into the Assault Frigate about using HFZ (yes that upgrade) with Gallant Haven.

I have an article or two in the works, and I'll try to get them going soon enough.  We finished most if not all the updates for the current game state, so we've had a little bit of a break.  I know personally having Worlds cancelled because of COVID-19 took some of the wind out of my Armada sails and writing.  The social distancing has also been taking its toll on us all.  Stay sane everyone, and we'll get through this all together!

Thursday, March 5, 2020

3/5 Updates!

I updated the Assault Frigate article! Some bits about using Heavy Fire Zone on the A variant, putting Local Fire Control with Paragon, and some minor tips about it being a harassing pain in the butt for your opponent.  Take a look!

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

3/3 Updates from John!

Working my way through the backlog, I added in more bits for Shriv in the (Armored) MC75 and Hammerhead articles.  Feel free to click on the links for each, but basically: A boarding team that discards ECM or whatever other upgrade you need discarded works great.  More in the individual articles, more article updates tomorrow hopefully.
I need to play Battlefront..... I'll get there!

Eric article updates post-FAQ 3/3/2020

Lots of updates!

I really like this artwork because orbital shipyards are frickin' sweet.
  • Aggressor article updated to specify how IG-88B interacts with Escort post-FAQ.
  • Hyperspace Migration segment updated in light of the errata nerf to scoring and clarification as to when purrgil move (after token shenanigans).
  • Rebellion in the Rim yellow objectives updated for Asteroid Tactics and Fleet in Being now that salvo is a thing (in short: they got better, especially with salvo).
  • Exogorth segment updated to reflect opponents make attacks against squadrons (thank God they changed that).
  • SSD article updated with deployment errata and clarification on Surprise Attack.
  • Cham and Slicer Tools updated to reflect you get to see the command set to the dial you're about to change.
  • Thrawn article updated to include the FAQ note that you can't discard Thrawn dials to wipe raid tokens.
  • Commander Beck and Governor Pryce entries updated due to FAQ. Beck works weird with phantom command tokens and Pryce stops doing anything once discarded.
  • Lots of Imperial commander articles updated to note they can work well with Onagers: