Friday, July 29, 2022

Hey Look Updates!

Imperial Venator incoming later this weekend, but hey look, Defender Vader! After the jump because Daddy needs his clicks.

Don't make me destroy you dot dot dot

John here, popping in for a quick write up! Darth Vader, the Imperial ace out of Rapid Reinforcements I, is a bulldozer disguised as a squadron.  He hits HARD; I've experienced him wipe Jan Ors in one shot when I overexposed her. He suffers somewhat from the "where am I taking Vader" problem that plagues Imperial fleet design, but THIS squadron version is well worth an inclusion (see ya later,  TIE Advanced version....).

With his ability, you're going to want him ace hunting; geniques (GoldBlack) especially, but he loves hunting down SharaJan Ors, Maarek, Clone Anakin, and other linch pin aces.  He puts out damage from the black die, but you're going to be incredibly luck dependent trying to get those accuracies to lock down a scatter ace.  Adept MAY make up for that, but Flight Controllers and actually CONTROLLING him (I'm aware he has Rogue, yes) may result in a better chance of that accuracy.

With Rogue, he doesn't allow you to spend accuracies under Sloane, but that isn't saying "Don't take him with her." Again, dude PUNCHES. He DOES need an escort friend or two, as his token suite isn't strong him enough to keep him alive from sustained fire.  He also doesn't have Grit, like our friend Maarek above, so he can't escape too easily if caught.  Generic X-wings with a nearby Hera can cause some major trouble for him for sure.  His bomber ability and Adept generally means you don't need Bomber Command Center, as he'll fix his own dice as he fires.

Vader fits in great in an MFC or LFC, and is almost an auto-include at this point.

And MFC updated for Imps!

Group E2: Defender Bender from a Gozanti Friender
• Maarek Stele (21)
• Darth Vader (25)
• Colonel Jendon (20)
• Tel Trevura (17)
= 83 points

This is a similar group to the one above (in the article), Group E, with the fact that it's cheaper and has 2 rogues/2 non rogues.  Fast, high hull, not worried about flak. Theoretically you can push this entire squad group with just a Gozanti throwing squad commands for a few rounds, which frees up your other ships to do what they want/need.  The anti-ship from Maarek and Vader is helpful, for sure, and the third attack from Jendon can cause some HURT on enemy ships.  However, you need to be cautious in anti-squad with this group as a focused attack on these squadrons may cause you some issues; only one escort squad protecting Vader can result in a dead Dark Lord of the Sith while you wait for the squadron phase to activate your Rogue(s).

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