Thursday, July 28, 2022

New Blogger Added!

I've been busy, and we haven't written in about 2 months! What's been keeping us from finishing those articles for the CIS Gozanti and the Imperial Venator?

SOMEONE is mad the hat doesn't fit her yet.

Hannah Lynne Zuidema was born mid July 2022 and has been occupying my time ever since.  I'm sure soon enough she'll be doing space donuts in her own CR90 as she runs circles around me, but until then, she's occupying a LOT of my time.

In response, CGYSO has solicited a few articles and I'm working on editing them.  Friend of the blog Jack Otto (Jotto.Otts, our source for both running the Chicago meta AND making fancy alternate art cards for us, see the GAR Venator and CIS Providence articles) wrote up the Imperial Venator, and I'll be making edits to what he wrote before we post it (I also have the CIS Gozanti in the works, too; more on that when it arrives...).  Shmitty and Eric are busy enjoying their summer and gardening, respectively, Truth is preparing for NoVA (and I'll let him spoil the list as he desires), and Biggs is doing some hiking, even more working, and visiting with his friends and family when he gets a hot second to do so.  So, we're still playing and still vaguely here, and I'm PERSONALLY working on getting those Rapid Reinforcements articles together.  Soon, I hope?

Bonus baby picture!

I gotta dress as Princess WHO for Halloween?


  1. Wonderful! It's a life changing experience, and for the better. Enjoy every day, even the sleepless ones.

  2. Congratulations on your newly expanded family! Appreciate the blog post and the pictures. Enjoy your summer as best you can.