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  1. Hi! Big fan of your content. I would like some help in the form of detailed squadron maneuvering, especially in mixing intel/escort/bombers in a large group. You guys do a great job explaining how individual ships can turn, position, and stay out of arcs using maneuvers.

    Fighters are a totally different game and lately I've realized that I don't fully grasp good strategies behind managing a fighter cloud of 10-12 fighters with mixed intel, bomber, escort, and some Rogues.

    Theoretically the concepts all make sense to me - but the tactical of how to move squadrons with squadron commands, when to move escort and intel, when to consider the alpha strike, how to spread damage among fighters - there's a lot of insights there where big ship Armada play expertise doesn't translate as well.

    I think this would be a huge help too, especially since the meta is so squadron heavy! Showing how MFC can take on LFC to delay/stall and how LFC and win LFC (assume both sides running mixed bomber/fighter, etc.) in different situations would be wonderful.

    1. Don't worry, John will be covering using the other two squadron groups in time. He's just taking a bit of a breather and catching up on review articles for ships/commanders before he gets back to the squadron articles. By my estimation he's got two left.

      I'll also say that the meta in terms of squadrons seems to vary a lot from place to place. The local meta where John and I play most of our games tends to be squadron moderate. The Armada community to the north of us goes squadron light. I've played against fleets that go squadron heavy (I faced several of those at Adepticon) and that's a thing in some communities too. It seems to vary a lot depending on lots of factors, particularly how adept the locals are at handling the big bomber group, but other things weigh on that too.

    2. Hey, lookit that, comments I just saw! Let me get the flotillas article out (hopefully this week), and I'll then be in a decent spot to write the MFC and LFC article. I'll get to it really soon, thanks for the input!

  2. Hi guys, thank you for this wealth of information and experience. I recently started playing the game with some friends and we decided to start a corillian campaign. How does this affect the fleet building parts? I am currently trying to build a fleet with not to many low hp units since these will die quicker and I have to repay them afterwards. Is this a good idea or should I go with the standard fleet building advice you gave us.

    1. You're welcome!

      Unfortunately, we haven't played any Corellian Conflict just yet (scheduling keeps being slightly off for our plans at our store), but I've been told by someone who has played CC that in general you should make a fleet pretty similar to what you're already comfortable playing, with the possible exception of the Imperials should endeavor to have at least one player with an Interdictor.