Monday, January 30, 2017

"Stay on target..." - The Y Wing Starfighter

To pair with our initial X-wing and TIE posts, I thought I'd throw out the Y Wing post.  The cheapest original squadron on the Rebel side, it had a relatively easy approach.
The best Clone Wars tech 10 points can buy!

Imperial squadron review: TIE Fighter aces

One last bit of TIE Fightery goodness before proceeding on to other matters!

So we covered the basics (and then some) of TIE Fighters in my previous article. Here I'd like to briefly go over their unique counterparts...

For when only the Emperor's most committed masochists can get the job done

Imperial squadron review: TIE Fighters

So let's begin with the smallest building blocks in an Armada player's arsenal: squadrons. We'll be moving on to ships as we get there. John tends to love his squadrons the most and there's definitely some meat there for Imperial players as well. I don't intend to focus on only squadrons, but I'd like to start with one particularly key squadron that's frequently misunderstood and underappreciated: the humble TIE Fighter squadron. This is a particular focus of mine, so get comfortable as this article is going to be long. Buckle up, prime your twin ion engines, and let's launch..

Proudly bringing green lasers and pew pew noises since 1977

Saturday, January 28, 2017

"Lock S-foils in Attack Position" - The Mighty X-Wing Fighter!

The X-Wing is the reason I started playing Armada.  Not X-wing.  I've never actually played a game, haha! I got into Armada to command swarms of X-wings across the table, throwing bombs at ISDs and telling Imperial admirals to Kiss my Wookiee.  Yes, I read a lot of Star Wars novels growing up.  And the X-wing series was the best.  Every now and then I try to find time to go back and reread them.  It's just so iconically Star Wars to me.
It took literally a year and a half, but I added a caption to this whooooooooooooooooooooooa

Squadron Roles and Basic Thoughts

We'll start out the squadrons blogging with (my) thoughts on roles.  I’ve been running them since Wave I, probably when you shouldn’t have been running them to begin with (Back in my day, Intel wasn't a thing! And you had to send your A-wings 15 miles up the road to engage the enemy ship, dagnabit!).  I killed several ships at the Massing at Sullust with them (this may have been related to the fact that no one else at our local tournament BROUGHT fighters besides Eric, haha (sub-thought: again, we were the meta at our local store.  I brought fighters, so Eric brought fighters.  Thus, 100% of our games had fighters, so fighters were CLEARLY needed!)), and I got into this game to play with them.

Friday, January 27, 2017

"You are a member of the rebel alliance, and a traitor.”

Greetings from the rebellious side of things. I'm John, and I'll be your primary commentator on Rebel leanings, tactics, ship loadouts, and various other things. My little introduction of who I am and why I'm doing this. As Eric said previously, we're two old friends who play way too much Armada. Eric and I have been playing since Wave I, where WE were the entire meta at the game store. He tends towards Imperial things (order, discipline, big pointy triangles) while I lean Rebel (squadrons, side arcs, zany schemes).

As Eric said, we're going to try making this a guide for less experienced players. Eric will tend to do most of the Imperial lifting, and I'll be your Rebel guide. He has played some Rebel games, and I've.... acknowledged that he plays Imperial, haha. With a less than populous Rebel Alliance in our meta (I think we're up to 4 out of 11-12ish players now?), I stick with what I know just to provide an opposite side. Well, that, and I love the MC30/MC80 (FISH LIFE), the Rebel ships, squadron v squadron combat, Rebel hero units, Rebel cards, bombing capital ships with X-Wings, B-Wings, Y-Wings, etc, desperate attacks that may or may not work out based on 12% of a plan and some luck..... It's a good life on the Rebel side.

In the analytical articles, I'll post all the information I've found especially helpful. Game writeups I'll try to get into analysis of why I did WHAT I did (and if it worked or not, haha), and why I built a specific list to be a certain way. I'm willing to try something weird once or twice in order to see if it works out. Sometimes it does, and sometimes you get my Madine list with 2 LMC80s and 1 HMC80. Fun, but not super strong. Oh, but so much fun.

First up for us both: squadrons and squadron roles/choices

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Welcome to Cannot Get Your Ship Out, a Star Wars Armada blog co-written by two friends (Eric and John) who play way too much Armada and want to keep telling other people about it too. At the moment, it's under heavy construction. We'd like to get some articles lined up prior to really linking to the blog, but if you stumbled across it on your own, please be assured there will be meaningful content here soon.

A quick side note: we're both new to blogging although we're old hands at minis wargaming. Expect a bit of tinkering around the edges with formatting and layouts and the like until we get a result we're happy with.

Our early focus is to provide a resource hub for newer/less experienced players. To that end, expect a lot of squadron, ship, and upgrade breakdowns as well as usage guides (squadrons, black dice ships, fleet building, deployment, etc.) and objective selection discussions. That alone should provide for massive piles of content.

We hope to see you back soon!